Faruk Ali

Senior Tax Manager

We are thrilled to welcome Faruk Ali to our team, a distinguished expert with a unique and invaluable perspective on tax affairs. Faruk's journey began with an impressive tenure as a trained HMRC Inspector, where he honed his skills by navigating the intricate tax landscapes of high-profile individuals, adeptly handling both offshore and onshore complexities.

Faruk's Biography

Faruk’s extensive background spans across prestigious ‘Top 10’ accountancy practices as well as specialised boutique firms, enriching our firm with his profound experience. He has adeptly guided clients through the labyrinth of HMRC enquiries, investigations, disputes, and disagreements, including the highly challenging arenas under HMRC’s serious Codes of Practice 9 (suspected fraud) and 8 (tax avoidance and complex arrangements), as well as comprehensive “cross-tax” investigations.

Dubbed as a ‘poacher turned gamekeeper,’ Faruk’s deep understanding of HMRC’s methodologies in tax investigations and disputes empowers him to foster durable relationships and negotiate favourable settlements for our clients, navigating through the complexities of tax matters with unparalleled expertise.

Faruk shares his thoughts on joining our team: “Working at Michael Filiou isn’t merely a job; it’s an absolute pleasure. Being part of a team that places such a high value on client well-being is both inspiring and fulfilling. The joy of unraveling complex HMRC issues for our clients, thereby relieving their stress and witnessing the relief on their faces, is immeasurably rewarding. The supportive and collaborative culture here, spearheaded by Michael, ignites a passion in us all. It’s this collective dedication to our clients’ success that makes every day here so enriching.”

Faruk’s arrival marks a significant enhancement to our team’s capabilities, bringing a blend of expertise, empathy, and enthusiasm that aligns perfectly with our mission of delivering exceptional service and peace of mind to our clients. Welcome aboard, Faruk!