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Trusted advisers for a lifetime

A Holistic Approach Underpinned By Trust And Integrity​

We work hard to give you a secure and stress free future.

We will be right by your side to manage the necessary accounting and tax compliance work and go the extra mile to ensure you meet your business and financial goals.

It is our mission to help you thrive and succeed!


“I’m Michael Filiou, a qualified accountant since 1987. I started this practice to help owners of independent and family run businesses achieve a smoother journey through business and life. I’ve got to know hundreds of you since then. Passionate business owners, resourceful entrepreneurs. Doers, makers, founders and leaders. Believe me when I tell you that no two of you are the same!

Some of you are just setting out on your journey, others are thinking of an exit strategy and looking forward to enjoying the fruits of your years of hard work. Perhaps you’re right in the thick of it, riding the uncertain waters of current world conditions. Whatever stage you’re at, when working with you our goal will be simple: to build a trusting professional relationship between us that will act as a foundation for you to nurture, develop and achieve your business objectives. 

Like life, business is complex. Companies change, grow, face opportunities and challenges. Understanding your life and business goals means my team and I can help you plan for what matters most to you, and guide you along the way.

Whether you need:

  • Standard accountancy and compliance services
  • Proactive tax management
  • Inheritance tax planning for the next generation
  • Strategic business advice and effective tools to help you make key decisions
  • Financial problem solving and crisis management

Over the years I have put together a team of like-minded individuals who share my passion for helping clients to achieve their goals. Our strong client relationships are underpinned by solid advice provided in an environment of trust and integrity.

Unlike many accountancy practices we operate as a team, almost a family in fact. This is something that clients and new team members notice and comment on positively.

My team and I are here for you for the whole journey, the highs and the lows, looking after your interests to give you peace of mind and a smoother journey through business and life.”

Michael Filiou

Peace of Mind for Our Clients and their Families


We understand the financial intimacy you trust us with and treat you with total professionalism and respect.


We’ll speak plainly while being totally transparent and honest, and we’ll share resources, knowledge and contacts with you to build a trusting relationship.


By proactively managing your accountancy and tax affairs you’ll always have control of your business finances meaning you can relax and do what you do best.


You’ll always have two qualified and knowledgeable accountants working directly with you.


By your side for the entire journey. From small (or not so small) beginnings through to legacy and succession planning, exit strategies and inheritance tax advice.

Micheal Filiou
Elena Filiou

Meet the people behind the business

We place great importance on truly understanding what you need before we will give you any advice. This means you can be confident our advice is relevant, comprehensive and right for where you are now and where you want to be.

See how we operate & support businesses like yours


We place great importance on truly understanding what you need before we will give you any advice.

This means you can be confident our advice is relevant, comprehensive and right for where you are now and where you want to be.


We want you to tell us as much as possible about your business, your hopes and dreams, and about any challenges you are facing.


Once we understand you and your issues we can help you to clarify your objectives and what needs to be done to overcome any challenges you face.


We identify your options as to how you can best achieve your objectives. We then agree with you a specific plan and how we will support you.


With all this behind us, we can now move forward to execute the plan you have agreed. You can be confident you’ll have our support all the way.

Adaptable Finance Management Services

Our accountancy services are designed to resolve a range of financial problems that any business could face. From payroll and VAT to practical advice and crisis support, we are here to help you through any issue. Our team of qualified business accountants are on hand to talk through your needs and offer useful advice. For more information about how we can help, or to speak to us directly, feel free to contact us today.

Financial Accounting Services

Annual accounts, payroll, VAT, tax filing - your accounting and compliance needs covered.

Tax Planning Services

Business tax, personal tax, inheritance tax and trusts - understanding the whole picture to give you the right tax advice

Business Advisory Services

Strategic advice and practical support to help you achieve your goals

Crisis Management Services

We all go through crisis at some point in life. We are here for you and your business when times are tough.