Crisis Management

Crises can happen at any time in life. Michael Filiou is here to help in a time of challenge in your business.
Our business crisis management services can help you out when times get tough.

Every business owner’s worst nightmare is that a situation occurs that has the potential to destabilise, damage and even ruin a previously healthy company. We aren’t talking about life’s usual ups and downs, but a true financial crisis that can cause irreparable harm to customer relations, employee wellbeing and cash flow.

We form close personal relationships with our clients, so your problems are our problems. We offer specialist business crisis management support for when the worst happens. Our financial risk management will help you establish a crisis plan that will work along with any protocols already in place.

We are fully-trained crisis management consultants who have the technical expertise to help you ride out the storm and begin planning for a better future.


As accountants, we have a close personal relationships with our clients. These relationships last for years, and we see clients through times of positive growth, as well as times of challenge or difficulty.

In our experience, you will go through a time of crisis at some point in your life. Whether it originates from a personal or business situation, it will affect you emotionally and financially.

When that happens, we’re here to guide you through it.

Michael Filiou, Business founder

Experienced In Crisis Management

When a crisis occurs, it can be hard to see the bigger picture. Issues can be so integrated and different areas can affect one another.The crisis management consultants at Michael Filiou have the experience to sift through the issues until we find out how they are connected to give you the whole picture.

This way instead of feeling confused and overwhelmed by the situation, you’ll have clarity about what critical actions need to be taken right now. When the crisis is past, we will then work with you to identify and investigate the core reasons it took place.

Solving The Core Issues So It Never Happens Again

Our business crisis management services initially will diagnose what is at the root of the crisis so it can be solved quickly. But after this is accomplished we will work to ensure this will not happen again. We look at the situation through a practised lens and will help you fix systems and processes to protect the business from future issues.

Not only are you not in crisis anymore, you’re now confident it won’t happen again.

Some Crisis Examples

Here are a few examples of the type of crisis situation we have dealt with in the past. Each situation is unique, and you can rely on complete confidentiality when sharing your situation with us.


Providing assistance with the aspects of financial settlement during a difficult divorce or separation.


Liaising with both beneficiaries and third party advisors during a disputed will situation, providing support and advice on the financial issues.


Providing advice to a client’s legal teams who are dealing with the financial and tax aspect of substantial commercial disputes.

In a Crisis Situation?

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We all go through crisis at some point in life. We are here for you and your business when times are tough.