Tax Planning

Understanding the whole picture to give you the right advice.

Our personal relationship with you means we can go above and beyond to support you with your tax affairs and tax planning.

Michael Filiou works with you to understand the whole picture when it comes to tax advice. We take a proactive approach to look after your interest, whether you need help with business, personal or inheritance tax.

Our personal tax advice will actively look for opportunities to improve your tax position and ensure you’re paying the right amount. If you find yourself the subject of a HMRC tax investigation we can work through it with you to make it as painless as possible.

Business Tax

Our clients stay with us for tax planning services year after year as they know they can trust us to give them the tax advice they need. We work to understand your objectives to formulate the right tax filing plans for you and your business.

We have a series of proven preferred approaches to unwind unduly complex tax structures to make everything as easy for you as possible, dealing with routine UK company law and tax compliance obligations.

We will also stand by you when you need support in responding to compliance checks and any enquiries from the tax authorities.

Personal Tax

We prepare annual tax returns for hundreds of personal tax clients. We actively encourage you to supply your data and information so that we can complete your returns well ahead of the statutory deadlines. We will always give you plenty of notice of forthcoming tax liabilities – to give you peace of mind.

Inheritance Tax

We’re here to help you plan for your whole family for the future.

Often, we start acting for clients whose previous accountants have not addressed their potential exposure to inheritance tax.

This is an important issue for clients with sizable estates. There can then be an urgent need to put appropriate structures in place to preserve our clients’ wealth for future generations.


We have extensive experience using UK trusts to help our clients pass on their wealth in a tax-efficient manner. From identifying suitable trusts to meet your requirements to setting up and administering them on your behalf, we explain everything and guide you through the process.

Trusts can be an excellent way to mitigate future inheritance tax. However, they are not for everyone. We find out more about you before recommending if a Trust will help you achieve your goals.

“Michael is a very smart guy and always proactive in identifying opportunities for his clients re: planning and advice - this is very different to other firms. He really looks after their interests. And he’ll go into battle for a client if they are involved in a dispute. He’s on your side. That’s the extra value of working with Michael and his team.”
Robin Sykes
Specialist tax adviser

Adaptable Finance Management Services

Our accountancy services are designed to resolve a range of financial problems that any business could face. From payroll and VAT to practical advice and crisis support, we are here to help you through any issue. Our team of qualified business accountants are on hand to talk through your needs and offer useful advice. For more information about how we can help, or to speak to us directly, feel free to contact us today.

Financial Accounting Services

Annual accounts, payroll, VAT, tax filing - your accounting and compliance needs covered.

Tax Planning Services

Business tax, personal tax, inheritance tax and trusts - understanding the whole picture to give you the right tax advice

Business Advisory Services

Strategic advice and practical support to help you achieve your goals

Crisis Management Services

We all go through crisis at some point in life. We are here for you and your business when times are tough.